Accidentally on Purpose

Title:Accidentally on Purpose

Characters:Draco Malfoy,Scorpius Malfoy, Rose Weasley


Rating: T

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. No Money. Don't Sue!

Summary:From a hallucinating Draco Malfoy, Rose will discover something her mother have done before and will never speak of it ever. Well, so does Scorpius.

Accidentally on Purpose

Rose Weasley didn't mind at all.

She didn't mind if people tell her that she has her mother's face and brains. She's proud of it actually, not insecure of her mother who gave birth to her.

… Well, except only if facing her admirers.

But that's fine. She can handle it like her mother alright.

Like her mother.

She flipped open a book as she waited for Scorpius to return from whatever he was doing so that they can finish their research about aged potions like Amortentia and Veritaseum.

It was spur in a moment thing.

Who would guess Aurors-in-training needs to research for something like that?If anything, Harry Potter would have them looking or studying medical charms and not-so-lethal curses.

She looked around the enormous library of the Malfoy Manor. She wondered if her mother had ever stepped in this haven, but quickly countered it because she know in her Mother's time, Muggle-borns don't have a place or can't even enter this house because of the Malfoy's selfish principles.

"Well that was until Mr. Malfoy crushed all their prejudices of this family." She mused out loud. "Except that doesn't change his personality though." She giggled.

His wife didn't have a say in his decision though, even until her death about 2 years ago.

Then there was a loud sound of a fallen book.

"Homenum Revelio", she can't help herself, although she knows that there's ultimately nothing than can harm her there. Well, that's what Scorpius told her.

It's for her safety after all, and she had confirmed that there's another person and bets it's her partner.


"Granger, what on Earth are you doing here?"

And that's something her partner wouldn't ask her. Unless he was joking—and behind the bookshelves, there emerge someone she should have expected to encounter.

"Sir, I-"

Draco Malfor cut her off. "Didn't I told you before to stay the hell away?" but his voice wasn't that of a angered man but of a worried one.

"What? Mr. Malfoy, I think you have mistaken me-" then she can't breathe. The blond man hugged her. 'Merlin's Pants!What's happening here?' she thought trying hard not to panic when she obviously feels it biting on her ankles.

Then he started caressing her hair.

"Since when did you colored your hair red, Granger? I'll miss your wild brown locks then.." and Rose came to a realization.

'Oh shit.'

She started pushing him away, "I'm not Hermione Granger! She's my mother." She said as his grey eyes pierced her.

His expression turned amused. "I know that lying isn't a personality of a Gryffindor. Is it not? Well, that's unbecoming."

"Please let me go." Oh, if she could only reach her wand on the table…

His eyes turned pensive, then he buried his face on her red hair. "I love you, Hermione,I'm sorry about everything but I'm not sorry that I loved you, I'll always, always…"


Then the grey-eyed man slumped asleep.

"What took you so long?"

Scorpius quickly ordered a house-elf who suddenly appeared to took his hallucinating Father to his bedroom.

"You're not hurt, are you?" he asked nonchalantly.

She glared as he neared the table, "What kind of question is that? If you hadn't took long and came back, that shouldn't have happened."

Shrugging his aristocratic shoulders, he drawled, "Well, at least I came back, right?"

Rose glared at him more heatedly, "You're impossible."

"Who says I'm not? Besides, you can even do something about that without me interfering. What happened to the I-can-handle-myself-just-fine then?" he sneered

"Your father's musing were sort of a good distraction actually." She said thoughtfully, not so ready for another verbal hostility with the blond.

"Would you like to emphasize how much of a distraction it was that you didn't even bother to try a single petrifying spell?" he drawled as he sat down.

Rose eyed him cautiously, "Do you really want to know?"

Scorpius stared at her pointedly, "I'll even hex you to get the answer, how about that?"

'Not that it would complicate anything, it's probably safe to tell him', she thought as she sighed.

"The following things that I will tell you remains between the two of us, do you hear me?"

"Surprise me." He muttered irritatedly as he picked a book and flipped the pages absentmindedly.

She glared at him. "Right. Well, you see, you're father called me with my Mom's maiden name: Granger."

Eyebrow raised, "So?"

"He said", swallows thickly, "that he love me."

"Bugger off, Weasley, it's not funny."

"Told you. Technically, he thought I was my Mom, you stupid git!" she yelled as she thought. 'Blimey!Still sends shivers down my spine.~!'

"Are you saying…. My Father and your-"

She rolled her eyes. "People like you,honestly!" she mumbled.

Glaring, "Oh don't drop your holiness on me, you're being vague! And to say your one of the brightest students of our batch, I'm starting to think the opposite."

"You should probably consult a mirror first, Malfoy. Anyway, doesn't it bother you?" she asked with her brow knotted in confusion.

He shrug. "Funny, I could care less if you did, it's done."

Rose sighed hopelessly, "Thanks for a heart-warming answer Malfoy, you're so … eloquent." She remarked sarcastically.

"Wasn't she beautiful?" Just like her mother.

"I bought her here, like what you asked, you should now approve of her." Hugging her wasn't a part of the deal, you big prat.

"Of course I do." I always do.

"I just want to ask something" and you should damn well give me an answer.

"Do ask." I know.

"Did you love my mother?" Honestly?

"I did." Yes, I did.

"How about Rose' mother? You know, Hermione Wea-" Was that all an act?

"-Granger. Yes." I love her before.

"You did?" For the love of Merlin-

"I do." And always will.


Author's Note

So yeah, he wasn't actually sedated or under some curses or anything, it's their .

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Panatang Barkadahan

Panatang Barkadahan

Iniibig ko ang aking mga kaibigan!
Na tumatanggap sa aking mga KAHIBANGAN,
Na tagapunas din ng aking mga luha.
Tinutulungan akong maging MALAKAS, MALIGAYA, kahit wala akong PAKINABANG.
Bilang ganti ay ibibigay ko ang aking TIWALA,
Ililibre ko kapag ako ay YUMAMAN,
Susunduin ko kapag ako ay nagkakotse na.
Sisipain ko kung sino man ang umaway sa kanila,
Sa PIGI, sa HITA, at sa MUKHA!..

Mabuhay ang Barkadahan!!!



Hmm, i wonder why I can't post my story there in Hawthorn and Vine.
Probably have to read the rules again,ayt? sighs.

i just hope that this day will be the very last day of our term, it's so exhausting, honestly! then by tomorrow, is the start of our summer vacation! lol.

Locked Away

Title: Locked Away

Genre:Drama, Angst

Rating: T

Characters: Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy

Note: Post-Hogwarts


Love leaves a heartache no one can heal

but sometimes,

 it’s better to lock your heart away so pain it will not feel.




Locked Away


Inside one of the Court Room of the Ministry of Magic, you ask inwardly why-what on Earth is your valid reason for being here. You didn’t have to wait long for the answer.


Your mind answered it’s for revenge. That and only that.


Your heart-you shook your head. Of course, you don’t have your heart anymore, imprisoned and locked away. Besides, what it may say will not change whatever will happen any moment now.


Harry just finished his testimony which, you thought, would completely change the fixed verdict that they will give to young Death Eaters. He seated beside you and Ron, but hadn’t heard any word he had said because you’re busy delicately, describing him.


Of all people.



Your brown calculating eyes looked at him again.


His light blond hair; straight and almost look silky to the touch. His pointy face, handsome some would say-heck, all would say, except that his concrete frown tends to deepen the new creases on his forehead. His pale and ghostly skin.


And his cold, unyielding eyes.


Of course he wasn’t looking at you.



As the Head Mugwump says his verdict, you couldn’t help but look for that long-brewed revenge: but there was none.


All you can grope right now is your lethal hypocrisy that had been born recently. The mob didn’t said a single word as the verdict was out: two and a half year of house arrest.


Not bad, you thought, he didn’t kill anyone anyway.


Then his eyes were on you and you fought hard not to let any crack show.


Unfathomable grey clashed with bold brown.


The people were standing.


Hate me.


And it you feel like you’re running out of time. You don’t know why.


That day, did you need me because you love me, or did you love me because you need me?


Oh, only if your eyes could express those words.



It was – unacceptable.


Hate me.


You felt Ron intertwined his hands with yours: and that was the right thing.


The right thing.


With one last look, you discretely told him that it wouldn’t work in any other way, that he was right.


And that this is for the better.


He was right.


You stood up as he walked away. His footsteps echoed like goodbye.


No one will know.




It was a dark and cold tunnel which at the end of it located a locked door.


You open the door, it’s hinges cried out in a cringing tone, the whole room, dark, except for the moonlight that passed through the window.


“Is he well?”


You looked at the girl sitting by the window. “It seems like it.”


The girl looked at you, “Are you happy?”, she asked, her tired brown eyes turning to you.


You looked at them blankly, “Yes, I am.”


The girl smiled, “That’s good.”


You didn’t feel anything yet you felt intrigued by the sudden appearance of the needles that keep pricking your heart. You turned your back and placed your hand on the door handle. “You shall never step outside of this room. Do you understand?” you said crisply.




With that, you closed the room, and walked away. No use placing locking charms, you thought.


If you  have stayed about another couple of seconds, you would have heard the quiet sobs that came from that lonely room.


The room where your heart will be locked away forever.


Hate me.



A Clandestine Fiasco

Clandestine Fiasco

He blamed her.

It was her fault why he was here now, amidst the moonlight and the company of the gentle wind. If it wouldn’t be because of her, of what she’d done, this would never have happened. Scratch that—this would never have happened. Nothing bad could have happened. It was her fault all along. He could have believed that if he’s mind was just being plain cooperative and stop saying he’s lying to himself.

“Damn it”, he swore under his unsteady breathe.

He blamed him.


The Boy Who Lived and Saved the Wizarding World-Twice . Yes, Harry Potter.

His nemesis for 6 long years. He blames him because he fucked up his duty. No—He did finish Voldemort right? Oh, but he didn’t for him. He was the only one he asked of help, but the Boy Who Lived disappointed him. As always. Not that he really relied on Potter’s heroism act, but he hoped he could have done something, anything—He had hope, but it turns out it’s a hapless one. Inescapable.

“Liar”, he said to the wind.

To top it all, he blamed himself the most.

Because he was a coward. He cringed in chagrin.

A true coward, he thought he was strong enough, strong enough to break the chains that had trapped him since he was small, strong enough to make the right decision long before.

He was weak, like what his bastard of a father had told him before, a shame. Honestly.

It was dreadful.

He once wished he could have run away from the ignis fatuus, oh how fate took pity of him and yet left him to suffer. It was his entire fault. And he’s not denying it for it is the truth.

If only he had actually just truly joined the Order, not just fucking bloody spy.

If only he was fast enough.

If only he had told her long before how much he loved her, needed her.

If only she let him—

If only he could bring back the lost time.


He never thought that he’ll love her dearly.

It started with glares to stares, from bickering to whispering, from publicly ignoring/loathing to hushed mid-summer night rendezvous.

Shameless and intimate, indeed.


“Is this right?” he asked her, tucking her into his arms.

“Wha-Who are you? You’re not the risk-taker, arrogant prat I know after 6 years”

He refused to roll his eyes, “Bugger that, answer my question”

“Well, you’re asking me what’s right. That’s a difference” she pointed out logically.

He brushed her brown locks, “Our situation.. I know you liked the Weasel”

Her caramel eyes looked at him intensely. Though he’s eyes followed the curves of the ceiling, he can feel her keenly penetrating orbs on him. “Ron and I are friends. Don’t you ever insult him again, do you hear me?”

He cocked his head inquisitively.

“Do you feel right when I’m in your arms? Or when I’m with you?” she asked in return, her eyes swirled with emotions.

He let himself smile. A little. “Yes, we are right, and everything else is wrong” he announced.

She slapped his shoulder playfully, then suddenly, the atmosphere turned serious, painfully serious, it was almost choking him.

“You know, I just wish we can just go somewhere peaceful, a place where no one will object of our relationship, a place where we can live safe and sound.” She said absently.

He silently agreed.

“Don’t get caught. Promise me” she said.

“Don’t get yourself killed first” he countered.


It was a cycle.

A routine, perhaps, for lovers to care about their mates, it was always been like that.


Somehow, it felt like a bad omen


Everything went well though.

She, true member of the Order.

Him, a spy of the Order in the Death Eaters.
Until they both learned, that promises are meant to be broken.

One way or another.


It all happened slowly.

He kicked a body of a Death Eater he stupefied. Yes, just stunned. For Aurors are now flooding the scene of the demise of the Dark Lord.


If only he just had killed him, then everything should have been alright.


Everyone scattered around, relieved, as the Dark Lord’s body touched the ground. Everyone’s rejoicing, of course they should be. No more Voldemort for a thousand years to come.

He was looking for her, searching atop the heads of the other people scrambling around. He saw, much to his relief, The Golden Trio, huddled together. When she noticed him, her eyes beamed, and then said something to both Harry and Ron who just nodded, and made her way to him.

7 steps away. She smiled at him.

5 steps away. She cried. He didn’t know why.

3 steps away. She run to him and shoved him to the ground.

She stopped a s a flash of green light hit her.

His mind couldn’t understand what just happened. She was there breathing, walking towards him, ready to embrace him, when..

God, no. No! NO! Fuck.

In a brusque manner, he pointed his wand to the caster, surprised that it was the one he stunned, and said in an anguish-filled voice, “Avada Kedavra!”

But killing the man who killed her didn’t erased the fact that she’s not moving, not breathing, not anything.

Killing the man who killed her wouldn’t bring her back to life.

Killing the man who killed her didn’t lessen the intense pain he’s suffering. Seeing her there, sprawled to the ground with her two best friends…

His heart was bursting, imminent. It was breaking, making it numb in disbelief, engulfed in pain and suffering.

Pushing them around, he seized her by her shoulders, and pulled her into a hug, his cries to her in despair, but..


iloveyou iloveyou iloveyou iloveyou iloveyou iloveyouiloveyou iloveyou iloveyou

.. but she will never hear them again.


It was already midnight.

The gentle wind a while ago became a wild one, waking him from his daze, from his memories, as well as the bottled emotions inside.

He sneered to no one.

He hates her.

He hates her for making him feel.

He hate for loving him.

He hates her for making him care.

He hates her—

He hates her for leaving him behind.

'We'll go somewhere together, just like what she wished’ he thought bitterly.

“Fuck this, you should have cursed or hexed the bastard, but you have to do the bloody heroic thing that flows in your filthy blood and sacrifice your life, are you bloody mental? You let yourself killed for a traitor, an arrogant git, a pompous prat! Idiot, really an idiotic thing to do! Bloody hell!” he shouted, the wind, no gentle, passed the nearby trees making them dance in a slow manner.

Then he laughed. “You’re giving me the idea that you’re really not a smart witch. The Smartest Witch of Our Batch, my arse. If someone’s going to ask me, I’ll say you’re completely insane. Bloody saint. Do you think that with what you’ve done, I’ll live on? Ridiculous. You’re making my head hurt with your bloody logic.”

He looked at red rose in his left hand. His gray eyes softened as he press it softly to his chest. “I never thought that our last mid-summer night rendezvous will be in this fucking cemetery, in front of your bloody headstone, your buried body…” he placed the rose below the headstone.

"Didn’t I tell you that wherever you go, I’ll be there too? No? Tough luck then. It’s not a promise now, it’s a goal…” he knelt down and traced the name on the headstone.
Hermione Jean Granger
Love is the foundation of all.

“Potter would have that changed into “Knowledge is Power” if you’re going to visit him someday” he chuckled in the hovering air.

Then he walked away, knowing that before the red rose withers, he had already given her a garden full of it, somewhere..

‘We can just go somewhere peaceful, a place where no one will object of our relationship, a place where we can live safe and sound.’

“See you later, Granger”

To repay her. His secret failure to protect her and fulfill her wish when she was still alive.

“And I love you too.”



moondreamer101 says: So there.It’s kind of pretty angsty, but I still finished it though. HOORAy for me. So when I was writing this, well I just remembered Regina Spektor’s Samson, even though the story and the song doesn’t have any relation or connection at all, the feelings of the song gave me strength to finish this story. I just hope you enjoyed it